Once is an Accident, Twice a Coincidence, the Third Time it's ON PURPOSE.

Sunday, October 31, 2010


NEVER HAVE THE WORDS OF RONALD WILSON REAGAN BEEN SO TRUE nor desperately needed as during these 2010 midterm elections.

The usurpers on the Progressive left have boastfully declared that they are out to "Fundamentally Transform America" into an alien form of government -- a Marxist society -- which is foreign to its citizenry. 

The "great planners" of the Democratic Party today are intent on forcing an ideology on Americans that has been tried before in near and far places across the globe, and has always ultimately failed. As Americans have painfully learned over the past two years, while the great planners go about implementing their grand schemes, even against the will of the very people they are supposed to represent, the end result always brings certain misery and hardship on those of whom they wish to control.

President Reagan knew that only by following the principles of the Founding Fathers -- the likes of Washington, Jefferson, Madison and Adams -- could America continue to prosper and thrive, and maintain the exceptionalism and the unalienable rights and freedoms that we have come to know and cherish, but as of late, seem to have either taken for granted or discarded altogether.

On November 2nd, we voters face a pivotal moment in America's history. We either can chose to forsake our Founding Principles and side with the "planners" and the "schemers", or we can vote for patriotic men and women who have put themselves on the line, politically and personally, like maybe none others before them, and who hold dear the precepts and time-honored traditions that has allowed America to stand proudly and strongly amongst the other nations of the world -- a shining city on the hill for all the world to see. 


May God bless us, and may God bless America!

Friday, October 29, 2010


IT APPEARS THAT OPEN BORDERS, MASS AMNESTY AND BOYCOTTING HIS OWN STATE aren't the only items on Arizona Congressman Raul Grijalva's "to do" list these days...

October 29, 2010 from the Arizona Daily Star:
A Republican campaign volunteer filed a Tucson police complaint Wednesday, alleging theft of Ruth McClung's campaign signs by a staff member of Congressman Raul Grijalva.
Gabriela Mercer, 46, said she saw two campaign signs in the back of district director's Ruben Reyes' vehicle.
Mercer, who has a daughter serving in the Marines on her second tour in Afghanistan, said she had visited Grijalva's office to ask for information about his stance on the war.
As Reyes approached Mercer, he opened the back of his sports utility vehicle, where two campaign yard signs were visible, she said.
Mercer, who has volunteered for Republican congressional candidates McClung and Jesse Kelly (challenging Gabrielle Giffords-D), said when she asked why he had the signs, Reyes became defensive and eventually said he was going to "put them up".
 Mercer said she found it "unbelievable" that a high-ranking staffer would steal a political opponent's signs.
Reyes said that when he got up that morning, he found McClung signs... lying in his yard. He picked them up, put them in his truck and later "discarded" the signs, Reyes said. 
Asked why he told Mercer he was going to put the signs up instead of giving this version of the story, Reyes said it was a "spur of the moment" comment. 
Shyaah! More like a bald-faced lie. But why split hairs?

It seems Grijalva has taken up sign-pilfering as a hobby, now that he finds himself locked in the toughest battle of his political career. According to a recent poll by Magellan Data and Mapping Strategies, it shows Grijalva and Republican challenger Ruth McClung in a statistical dead heat -- 40 percent to 38 percent with 13 percent still undecided, even though in Grijalva's district, there are nearly twice as many registered Democrats as there are Republicans.

"El Jefe" Grijalva's opponent, Ruth McClung, a solid conservative and real-life rocket scientist for a Tucson-based engineering company, proudly contrasts her people-up approach to governing, as opposed to Grijalva's top-down elitist vision, this way, "This is a race between two opposing philosophies: Grijalva's 'progressive' left wing philosophy, and my philosophy built on conservative values." McClung adds, "Like Thomas Jefferson, I believe a government big enough to supply you with everything you need, is a government big enough to take away everything that you have."      

Amplifying the desperate situation that Grijalva faces for re-election, four Democratic sources from different parts of the country said that there is "new attention" being paid to a race that was long considered "in the bag". Another Democratic source familiar with the Congressional Hispanic Caucus said there are "whispers" about the Grijalva-McClung match-up "being a sleeper race".

"Grijalva made a major misstep in calling for a boycott of his own state [that cost the state millions of dollars in revenue]. He should win, though. But anything is possible this year, especially in Arizona where the Republicans and anti-incumbents are apparently very fired up," said the source.

Anything indeed -- including stealing your opponent's campaign signs.

Career politician Grijalva will have to wait until November 2nd to find out whether he'll get to keep his comfy Washington digs or whether he'll be packing his bags for the state he verbally trashed.

You can help Ruth McClung defeat the sticky-fingered, dirt bag Grijalva, by going to her web site at:


UPDATE: Gabriela Mercer, the conservative campaign volunteer who reported the theft of a couple Ruth McClung campaign signs by a Raul Grijalva staffer, now reports that she has had the back window of her Nissan sedan bashed in with a large river rock. 

While eating dinner at a local Tucson restaurant, Gabriela Mercer was approached by her waiter and asked what kind of car she drove. When Mercer told the waiter what kind it was, the waiter responded, "I think someone just threw a rock through your window."

The Grijalva leftist goons didn't take long to retaliate against Mercer, and just like good jackbooted Marxists, they sent their message loud and clear.

It's getting ugly out there, folks...

Wednesday, October 27, 2010


"WE HAVE A LAWLESS POLITICAL CLASS that is not only ignoring the Constitution, but deliberately disregarding it. They are throwing out American history and trying to rewrite it in their Marxist ways. Just because President Obama was elected doesn't give him the right to change hundreds of years of American history and replace American values and principles." -- Talk-radio host Mark Levin on "The Mark Levin Show", July 7, 2010.
In a stunning display of judicial thuggery Tuesday, the US Court of Appeals for the 9th Circuit, led by the activist consiglieres Judge Sandra Ikuta and Judge Sandra Day O'Connor, struck down Arizona's requirement that residents of the Grand Canyon State provide proof of citizenship when they register to vote.

In yet another attack on Arizona's attempt to enforce illegal immigration laws -- this time by an ideologically-driven liberal judiciary -- by a 2-1 decision, the two rogue justices ruled that Arizona's Proposition 200, passed in 2004, illegally preempted the federal government's National Voter Registration Act which requires states to make voter registration opportunities "widely available" and for states to remove "unnecessary obstacles". Groups representing Hispanics and Native Americans had vehemently opposed the Arizona law before the court, arguing the state proposition erected unfair barriers to voting, especially for newly naturalized citizens. 

Interestingly, the 9th Circuit had previously ruled against the same group's petition back in January of 2005, spurring Chief Judge Alex Kozinski -- the lone judicial dissenter on Tuesday -- to write the following caustic rebuttal:
[The provisions in Proposition 200] plainly allow states, at least to some extent, to require their citizens to present evidence of citizenship when registering to vote. The majority (Ikuta and Day O'Connor) refuses to accept the consequences of this reality. That is the law of the Circuit and therefore binding on us. Because I believe that we must take precedent seriously and that Gonzalez I was correctly decided, I dissent from the majority's conclusion that the NVRA preempts Arizona's voter registration requirement.
The Ikuta-Day O'Connor ruling sparked intense outrage with Arizona Secretary of State Ken Bennett who told The Republic, "I think the decision by the 9th Circuit is an outrage, and I think it's a slap in the face of Arizonans who are concerned about the integrity of our elections." 

With the November 2nd mid-term elections looming right around the corner, Governor Jan Brewer added, "The Federal Government stands against our efforts to prevent voter fraud and they refuse to do their job on illegal immigration. The voters passed this critical election security law in 2004. SEIU and UFCW are backing this voter registration front group that is fraudulently registering thousands of ineligible voters."

If you're keeping score at home, this marks the FIFTH TIME THIS YEAR that "Don" Barack Obama and his federal cosca, including his chief capo and hard-on with a suitcase, Eric Holder, at the Department of Justice and the cosca's hapless moll, Janet Napolitano, at the Department of Homeland Security have pulled out their figurative gats and set them a-blazing against the state of Arizona. And it's not even St. Valentine's Day.

And for what exactly? For Arizona enforcing federal immigration laws that the feds, under Obama, have been explicitly ordered to ignore, and also for Arizona attempting to save herself from a skyrocketing narcotics and human-trafficking influx, an ever-increasing crime rate and a money-sucking-ly high education and health care deficit.

Got dat? Good, now let's take a walk. 

Below is a brief chronology of the Obama Crime Family's "rap sheet" when it comes to its recent targeted and fevered assault against the state of Arizona:

May 28, 2010
US Attorney General Eric Holder asked the Supreme Court to strike down a state immigration-enforcement law that Janet Napolitano herself signed into law in 2007 while governor of Arizona. 

The Obama Administration joined a challenge to the Arizona law, led by Acting Solicitor General Neal Katyal, who asked the court to hear a challenge brought by immigrant-rights groups to the so-called "Employer-Sanctions Statute" which targets employers who knowingly hire illegal aliens and empowers the state to revoke the business licenses of repeat violators. Then-Governor Napolitano, at the time of the law's passage, was quoted as saying, "The law is valid."

July 6, 2010
The Department of Justice filed suit in federal court against the State of Arizona to block the enforcement of Senate Bill 1070 (SB1070), which empowers state law enforcement officers to assist federal law enforcement officials, i.e. ICE and Border Patrol, with the enforcement of federal immigration laws. Obama and his abettors at the DOJ claimed the Arizona law illegally preempts the federal law and unfairly targets Hispanics for potential racial profiling -- even though the language in the state law was virtually identical to that of the federal law.

However, when pressed before Congress, both AG Eric Holder and DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano admitted that neither one had even read the bill before the administration filed suit against Arizona.

Obama then purposely, albeit clumsily, mischaracterized the Arizona law this way when attempting to justify the administration's legal action: 
"This law that just passed in Arizona, which I think is a poorly conceived law, you can try to make it really tough on people who look like illegal immigrants, You can imagine if you are a Hispanic American in Arizona and your great-great grandfather may have been there before Arizona was a state. If you didn't have your papers and you took your kids out for ice cream, you could be harassed."
September 2, 2010
US Attorney General Eric Holder filed a lawsuit in federal court against Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio. Holder claimed in his lawsuit that Sheriff Arpaio had refused to comply with DOJ requests for documents involving the arrests and subsequent treatment of "illegal" and legal Hispanics. Civil rights groups La Raza and the ACLU had been pressing Holder's office to investigate Arpaio for alleged civil rights violations and racial profiling.

The always out-spoken and defiant Sheriff Arpaio responded this way to the Obama Administration's lawsuit on Fox News:
"It's been a year and a half they've been investigating me and my office for alleged racial profiling. Nothing happened. But why [the lawsuit] now? They sued the state two months ago. They filed another suit against some county schools. And now I'm being sued. I think there's a move afoot to go after Arizona because they don't like us enforcing illegal immigration laws. So they're really going after the people of Arizona. The people of Arizona want something done [on illegal immigration] and now they're zeroing in with these lawsuits."   
September 3, 2010
The Obama Justice Department's civil rights division sued Maricopa County Community Colleges in Arizona seeking damages from schools for having "intentionally committed document abuse discrimination." The Justice Department said they wanted "full remedial relief" for 247 non-citizens who applied for jobs with the community college district between August 2008 and January of this year, plus a civil penalty of $1100 for each of the "aggrieved". 

The DOJ says MCCC broke federal law by requiring each non-citizen applicant to supply his/her "permanent resident card", or green card, in addition to a valid driver's license and a Social Security card. According to Thomas E. Perez, the assistant general for civil rights, MCCC's requesting a green card amounted to "immigration-related employment discrimination." Perez went on to say the Office of Special Council will bring legal actions against all employers who impose "unnecessary and discriminatory hurdles to employment for work-authorized non-citizens."

Charles Reinebold, a spokesman for MCCC, who was shocked by the sheer aggressiveness and the punitive vindictiveness of the Justice Department, said this in the district's defense, "We are extremely disappointed by the Justice Department's action. We had no intent to discriminate against any foreign national, and feel we have been singled out for the maximum penalty under the law. This was a paperwork error, and we revised it after it was brought to our attention. I'm very surprised the administration would resort to a lawsuit. In the past (pre-Obama), the emphasis has been on mediation to resolve these issues." 

October 7, 2010
Judicial Watch, the public interest group that investigates and prosecutes government corruption, announced it had filed a Freedom of Information ACT lawsuit against the Obama Department of Justice for information regarding the DOJ's decision to file a lawsuit against Arizona's tough new illegal immigration law SB 1070. Specifically, Judicial Watch wanted documents pertaining to the ACLU in making the decision to file a lawsuit against Arizona.

Judicial Watch president Tom Fitton said of the lawsuit, "I suspect that the Obama Justice Department is making decisions on behalf of the ACLU and its leftist allies instead of the public interest. [They] should stop stonewalling and release these basic documents on its decisions to attack Arizona over its get-tough immigration law."

October, 26, 2010
On a 2-1 vote, the US Court of Appeals for the 9th Circuit strikes down Arizona's law requiring proof of citizenship for voter registration.

The question begs then, why on earth all the verbal attacks, threats and intimidation tactics -- not to mention multiple lawsuits -- by the Obama Administration against a state that is merely trying to protect its citizenry and their property, its resources and its finances from an unrelenting flood of illegal aliens?

Attorney General Eric "The Mouthpiece" Holder may hold the answer:
"Arizonans are understandably frustrated with illegal immigration, and the federal government has a responsibility to comprehensively address those concerns. But diverting federal resources away from dangerous aliens such as terrorism suspects and aliens with criminal records will impact the entire country's safety. Setting immigration policy and enforcing immigration laws is a national responsibility. Seeking to address the issue through a patchwork of state laws will only create more problems than it solves."
Janet "Little Echo" Napolitano obviously studied her administration talking points that day, too:
"We are actively working with members of Congress from both parties to comprehensively reform our immigration system at the federal level because this challenge cannot be solved by a patchwork of inconsistent state laws, of which this is one." 
In "The Mouthpiece" and "Little Echo's" own words, the end game appears to be all about Comprehensive Immigration Reform.

But to what end exactly? 

To answer that question, let's take a moment to connect the dots, shall we?

  1. The Obama Administration and his abettors have declared "Comprehensive Immigration Reform" as a "high priority" for Obama's first -- and, God help us, only -- term in office. 
  2. Comprehensive Immigration Reform is Progressive-speak for mass amnesty. (Oh, sure, there will be some window-dressing to make it appear more palatable -- think Obamacare and Stimu-less BS).
  3. The granting of mass amnesty to mostly Hispanic illegal aliens will potentially add 12-16 million indentured, registered Democrats to the voter rolls nationally.
  4. The enormous influx of Democratic voters will ensure that the Progressives become an overwhelming and formidable power.
  5. The Progressive makeover (read "destruction") of American history, values and Constitutional principles will steamroll ahead unabated.
  6. Progressive Utopia.
  7. Capiche?
So, Obama and the Progressive left's assault on Arizona is meant to be a clear and unequivocal message to the sovereign states of this republic that "Don" Obama and his cosca mean business. The stakes are high. And just like a ruthless Chicago street boss, Obama, as evidenced by his administration's rough treatment of Arizona, is not averse to using a little brute force to get his point across, if you know what I mean. 

Cross Obama once, they'll cut off a finger. Cross him twice, you'll misplace your thumb. A third time, you get your kneecaps broken and you'll end up in a throne on wheels. Cross him yet again, well, you may end up doing the horizontal watusi with some earthworms. 

You see, the end always justifies the means with this Saul "The Godfather" Alinsky-loving borgata. 

And if Obama and his abettors in Congress are ultimately successful at whacking America and replacing it with their Progressive Utopia, we all just might be reciting a new pledge of allegiance sooner than you think...

Mmm, Mmm, Mmm... I pledge allegiance to Obama and to the Banana Republic for which he stands, many races, under oppression, indentured, with enslavement and social justice for all... Mmm, Mmm, Mmm.

Monday, October 25, 2010


"TODAY IS A TRAVESTY... AND FROM MY STANDPOINT, AS A BLACK AMERICAN, as far as I am concerned, it is a high-tech lynching for uppity blacks who in any way deign to think for themselves, to do for themselves, to have different ideas, and it is a message that, unless you kotow to an older order, this is what will happen to you. You will be lynched, destroyed, caricatured by committee... rather than hung from a tree."
No, those words did not come from NPR's recently fired political commentator, Juan Williams. Those were the grim but ultimately prescient words of then Supreme Court nominee Clarence Thomas during his 1991 Senate confirmation hearings, after being grilled and smeared in the most disgusting and vile ways by Democrats hell-bent on scuttling his confirmation. The same Clarence Thomas who was later reviled by filmmaker Spike Lee as a "chicken-and-biscuit eating Uncle Tom".

Although Thomas was eventually confirmed, mostly along party lines, his subsequent confirmation didn't quell the unrelenting hatred that emanated from the left.

Years later, when Thomas was being considered as an esteemed guest to debate national ACLU President Nadine Strossen about affirmative action at the Davis-Levin First Amendment conference in Hawaii, Faye Kennedy and Eric Ferrer, two African American members of the Hawaii ACLU chapter, sent a letter to the board strongly objecting:
"We strongly object to ACLU bringing and sponsoring Clarence Thomas to Hawaii. Bringing Clarence Thomas sends a message that the Hawaii ACLU promotes and honors black Uncle Toms who turn their backs on civil rights... Thomas is an anti-christ, a Hitler, and him discussing the merits of affirmative action is akin to having a serial murderer debate the value of life."
So, why all the vitriol toward Judge Thomas so many years ago? 

Answer: Because he was something a black person wasn't supposed to be -- shouldn't ever be, ever -- and that was a conservative.

For rabid leftists it was simple math, i.e. in their view Thomas wasn't "black enough". Because a truly black man couldn't possibly be anything but a liberal Democrat, with all the trappings that go with it. So, therein lay the rub, and, henceforth,Thomas became fair game for the ideologically driven left. Thus, no name nor label was too low or demeaning for true-believing Democrats with which to slime the accomplished Justice.

Fast forward to October 20th and Juan Williams' ignoble firing from NPR. His sudden dismissal has been the talk of every major cable talk show and the ink of many an op-ed piece and blogosphere opinion. And not just because of the cowardly manner NPR CEO Vivian Schiller dispensed of Mr. Williams, but for the dishonest and implausible reason she gave for his canning. 

Schiller cited that Williams was not merely fired for the noncontroversial controversial anti-Muslim remarks he made on The O'Reilly Factor last week, but for "offering his controversial opinions on several occasions, which were a breach of journalistic ethics for an NPR analyst". Schiller didn't bother naming those "other occasions", largely because there probably weren't any other occasions which to name. Either way, the reason was laughable given the numerous occasions other NPR commentators have spewed truly outrageous and offensive screeds throughout Schiller's tenure, mostly against conservatives, all with nary a peep of objection. 

Schiller's subsequent cheap shot at Williams while addressing the Atlanta Press Club was probably more revealing of the true motive behind Williams' firing. Schiller said that Williams "should have kept his Muslim comments between himself and his psychiatrist or his publicist -- take your pick".


On the surface, one could reasonably draw the incorrect, but justifiable, conclusion that Williams was fired for committing the liberal's cardinal sin of merely appearing on the scourge-of-the-left Fox News (Schiller and company even went so far as to demand that Williams not identify himself as a NPR commentator when commentating on Fox) or at the very least, by appearing without the proper "black attitude". To wit, even President Obama himself has made it abundantly clear how much he detests Fox News and views them as an imminent threat to the Progressive's radical agenda. Make no mistake, Williams' frequent appearances on Fox totally incensed the NPR chieftans; however, in solely blaming that for Williams' firing, one would be only half-right. 

The real truth is, Schiller's unbelievably snide and unconscionable "psychiatrist" snark goes straight to the heart of the matter -- namely, Williams wasn't "black enough" for NPR. And that, in their warped view, was reason enough for Williams to require a shrink. 

To the extreme leftists at NPR, a true deep-blue liberal would never had said such a politically incorrect thing to begin with. Ergo, Williams wasn't really one of them all along. Thus, the the traitor-in-their-midst had to go. And not just in a private meeting like Williams, the decorated, veteran journalist had requested and deserved. But in the most public of ways -- just like Clarence Thomas, "a high-tech lynching" -- to serve as a clarion warning to all liberals -- and by their definition, all blacks -- across the land, that perceived ideological dissent -- no matter who you are -- will be dealt with swiftly and severely.

Williams (a Democrat) and Thomas (not) are not the first African American public figures to be attacked by the left for his or her lack of blackness. History is replete with sorry example after sorry example -- many times from the mouths -- and fists -- of other blacks:

In 1967, Heavyweight Champion Muhammad Ali while unmercifully pummeling challenger Ernie Terrell, who refused to call Ali his Muslim name, instead referring to him as Cassius Clay:
"What's my name, Uncle Tom? What's my name?" 
Legendary singer/actor Harry Belafonte castigating former Secretary of State Colin Powell:
"There's an old saying, in the days of slavery, there were slaves who lived on the plantation and were those slaves that lived in the house. You got the privilege of living in the house if you served the master -- exactly the way the master intended to have you serve him. Colin Powell is committed to come into the house of the master. When Colin Powell dares to suggest something other than what the master wants to hear, he will be turned back out to pasture."
On the Web Site TNTalk! America, blogger Leon Walker saying of Michael Steele, chairman of the Republican National Committee:
"[Mr. Steele] has been initiated to sell some good old-fashioned Republican snake oil. After Michael Steele has allowed the GOP to use him like a twenty-dollar whore, he can take his place among the likes of J.C. Watts and Alan Keyes. The late great black pawns that the GOP has used and cast aside no longer possess any political capital, but must endure scarred public images in perpetuity for their brief effort at prominence." 
On the Web Site Election Ink, blogger HOTEP maybe sums it up best:
"Never trust the Uncle Tom who, for over four-hundred years of slavery and oppression, has remained ever-faithful to his white masters. The ever-loyal house nigger that sits on the white man's lap like a pet and spews forth critical observations of his own race. Four-hundred years of slavery and oppression has forever crippled the Black Race socially, economically, culturally and politically.  
Simply put, because of slavery the Black race as a whole has been put at such a disadvantage that they can never compete on a level playing field with the white man. Sure there are exceptions. Some blacks have risen above the damage with the help of their white master. These so-called House Negroes and Uncle Toms then tell the world that all blacks are capable of achieving what they themselves have achieved. They quote the exceptions to the rule, while their white masters parade out such successes as Oprah Winfrey and Bill Cosby on a leash for the entire world to see, as proof the white man is not racist.
Schiller and her ilk give folks like Williams, Thomas, Powell, Steele and Cosby no quarter when it comes to their demand for undying allegiance to the Progressive cause. 

It's simple to the Progressive mind. Blacks are victims by birth. All liberals are victims. Thus, all blacks are liberals. Period. 

And to these militant leftist overlords, there is no wiggle room nor fraternization. Obey, or suffer the wrath that you deserve.

The question then begs: Who are the real slaves -- and who are the real enslavers?

Sunday, October 24, 2010


A persistent false psychotic belief regarding the self or persons or objects outside the self that is maintained despite indisputable evidence to the contrary
Just when you thought Senator Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) couldn't possibly say anything stupider, he proves you wrong -- again.

On MSNBC's "Ed Show" this past Thursday, Dingy Harry topped himself yet once again in statements of delusional grandeur in this exchange with Progressive talk show host and carbon footprint behemoth Ed Schultz:
HARRY REID: Nevada, for twenty years, was at the top of the economic food chain. If you wanted a good job, come to Nevada. If you wanted to invest in real estate, no place better in America than Nevada. If you wanted to get a good job, come to Nevada. Well, when Wall Street collapsed, which, by the way, [Sharon Angle] said it was caused by too much regulation -- we had farther to fall than any other state.
ED SCHULTZ: The state has dropped farther than any other state?
REID: Oh yes, because we were at the top and we've fallen very hard. So people have been hurting, and I understand that, and it doesn't give them comfort or solace for me to tell them, you know, but for me, we'd be in a worldwide depression. They want to know what I've done for them, and that's why it's important for me, any chance I get, to say that my number one job is to create jobs. And [Angle] says that it's not her job to create jobs.

Sweet Holy Mary Mother of God.

Two thoughts immediately spring to mind: 1) Ed Schultz deserves an Emmy for not instantly blowing a snot-bubble out of his nose in a fit of hysterical laughter, and b) Reid is certifiable.

Silly me, and here I thought it was President Obama who was credited with bringing the world's economy back from the brink. Why? Because Obama said so himself:

Barack Obama on the Recovery Act:
There has never been a program of this scale, moved at this speed, that has been enacted as effectively and as transparently as the Recovery Act. One year later, it is largely thanks to the Recovery Act that a second depression is no longer a possibility.
Sounds like the makings of a clash of the titanic egos, or "Nevada Harry meets Super Barack-O".

By a long shot, this isn't the first instance Reid has shown a penchant for self-inflated delusion. The Senate Moronical Leader also recently claimed that it was his own brilliant, Pattonesque battle strategy that actually won the war in Iraq -- by him proclaiming, "The war is lost." Genius!

Yes, that's right, by voting for the war then against it, by calling General David Patraeus a liar, and by tactically proclaiming the war was lost, Reid single-handedly brought the terrorists to their knees. Hurray for Harry!

As November 2nd nears, don't be surprised to hear even more Homeric jabberwocky burbling from the lips of Harry Reid. One wonders what could possibly be next. Reid designed the Great Pyramids? Reid slipped Adolph the mickey? Reid invented the Internet? No, wait, that was a different Progressive prevaricator. Oh, well, one blast of hot air feels just like the other.

Let's all pray that after November 2nd, Harry Reid will be packing his bags for Searchlight. There must be at least one rubber room open at the asylum back home.

"Oh great and wonderful Self,  praise be to me -- I mean you."

Thursday, October 21, 2010


            "I think I'll have two."


But you'd have a hard time knowing it based on conservative-hater and talk show maven Joy Behar's recent vitriolic attacks aimed squarely at the right's prettiest and most popular ladies. 

Behar's well-documented disdain for Republican women has become very public and very poisonous lately, but could there be more to it than what appears on the surface -- namely, that she's not just another talent-challenged, snarky left-wing beeatch?

Behar, 68, is one of Barabara Walter's leftist crones on ABC's "The View" and hosts her own self-titled, viewer-deprived talk show on CNN's sister network HLN. 

Whether she's whooping it up with fellow hater Whoopi Goldberg or going solo on her cable show, Behar knows how to put the "diss" in disgusting when it comes to bagging on the right's fairer-sexed, fabulous foursome: Sarah Palin, Michelle Bachmann, Christine O'Donnell and Michelle Malkin.

But as we all know, looks can be deceiving, especially when it comes to an unapologetic deceiver like Behar.

Question: Could Behar actually be masking something darker that underlies her surface snarkiness?  

In a study published in the Journal of Abnormal Psychology in 1996, three scientists, led by Henry Adams, concluded that "homophobia is apparently associated with homosexual arousal that the homophobic individual is either unaware of or denies".  

In Adam's six-page report, that covers unpronounceable testing devices such as penile plethysmography, he and his colleagues determined that subjects being exposed (pun intended) to homosexual stimuli caused negative and sometimes aggressive behavior in the ones who were homophobes. However, when they measured sexual arousal simultaneously, the scientists concluded that the negative, oft-aggressive homophobes also displayed much higher levels of sexual arousal. Really.

Let's summarize, shall we?

To put it in human-speak, what the egg-heads determined was that "heterosexuals" who displayed negative and aggressive behavior toward those of the same sex were oftentimes just actually queer for the other guy's gear, so to speak.


But does that really mean Behar could secretly have her liquor (Licker? I don't even know her!) license when it comes to her closeted feelings for Palin, Bachmann, O'Donnell and Malkin?

To answer that question objectively, we'll need to lay out a more compelling case by digging a little deeper. 

Shovel, please.

On "The Joy Behar Show" with guest Ann Coulter:
Coulter: [Sarah Palin] got bigger audiences than Obama.
Behar: Well, she's prettier.
Coulter: She's more coherent.
Behar: Ann, I like you, but the woman is not coherent. She can't construct a sentence. Nobody understands what she's talking about.
In a snarkfest with Sandra Bernhard:
Bernhard: [People who bought Palin's book Going Rogue] like to look at pictures. There's only one on the cover, but they like to look at that picture.
Behar: [Palin] never makes sense. Maybe her and Glenn Beck on the same ticket [in 2012]. Down the toilet. It would be great for the Democrats.
On "The View":
Behar: Why not [John McCain] pick a woman who really has a background that could step in, in case what's-his-name, McCain, has a heart attack? You cannot trade one vagina for another vagina?
On "The Joy Behar Show" with guest Joe McGinniss, Author/creepy Palin neighbor: 
McGinniss: It's probably a lesson for the American people of the power Palin has to incite hatred and her willingness and readiness to do it. She has pushed a button and unleashed the hounds of hell, and now they're out there slobbering and barking and growling. And that's the same kind of tactic -- and I'm not calling her a Nazi -- but that's the same kind of tactic the Nazi troopers used in Germany in the 30's, and I don't think there's any place for it in America.
 Behar: Okay, now [Palin] says in response, "When I say all right, leave my kids alone, it simply means that... How that equates me with the Nazis is quite beyond me." Okay, she's not, he really didn't equate her with the Nazis. He's saying a tactic very Nazi-like.
 Lizz Winstead ("Daily Show"): Well, I just think any time you know...
Behar: Which is, which is what? Which is unleashing the wrath of the Palinites out there on this guy?
Winstead: Yes.
Behar: That's where the Nazi tactic comes in because when she says they are attacking or being a threat to my children, all of these little Palinites go berserk.
Winstead: Over the edge. You know what? I just find it boring. Now here's the thing that I think is the biggest problem with Palin, is that why didn't Bravo find her two weeks before McCain did, and we could just had the real housewives --
Behar: I know, we have to blame him.
Winstead: -- of Alaska and have it begun because she is exactly like that crazy woman on the Housewives of New Jersey.
Behar: Yes! The other thing is that, isn't she the one who put her kids in the spotlight in the first place? I mean they... at the convention, when they were passing that kid (Trig) out more than a joint at a Grateful Dead concert. 
On Palin's endorsement of Christine O'Donnell:
Behar: But isn't it interesting that Sarah Palin backs her up? And, if I recall, wasn't Sarah exorcised in Alaska by a preacher one time? She believes in exorcism. These two are into it together. Talk about a coven. This is a coven! 
On "The Joy Behar Show" with guest Kathy Griffin: 
Behar: But, first of all, what about Michelle Bachman? She's a piece of work, that one.
Griffin: Oh, I know, she's one of the big crazies.
Behar: What happened with her? I mean, give me a break. She makes Sarah Palin look like a brain trust.
Griffin: Look like a genius.
Behar: Yeah. 
On "The View" with co-host Whoopi Goldberg:
Goldberg: Bachmann. I asked a question, my question is, is it wrong to start baiting? I don't, I, however you feel about the other candidates is not my, my question. But is it okay for someone to start attacking your beliefs in your country because you don't agree with their views? That's the question that I was posing.
Behar: Well, she's getting hers this time. She'll be thrown out of Congress. 
A sneering Behar also crassly accused Ms. Bachmann of being "against children". Michelle Bachmann and her husband have raised five of their own children, as well as a staggering twenty-three Foster children.

On "The Joy Behar Show" with guest Judge Karen Mills ("Judge Karen's Court"):
Mills-Francis: Yeah, but [Christine O'Donnell] is a real train wreck, and the reason why she said that is, I mean, have you looked at this woman's resume? She was a whore by her own admission. She was an alcoholic. She owed her college $5000 for ten years -- they had to sue her. The IRS levied an $11,000 tax lien against her. I mean, do I need to go on?
Behar: Keep going! 
On "The View": 
Behar: I think it shows how crazy [O'Donnell] is, doesn't it? How many crazy people do we have to have in office? Well, here's a girl who says that, you know, she didn't masturbate -- she doesn't believe in masturbating either. And she wants to make public policy about other people's sex lives. She's a witch who doesn't masturbate, who has never had premarital sex. Why is she running for office? [O'Donnell] needs to watch some porn and get some tips, is what she needs.
On "The Joy Behar Show":
Behar: The Republican candidates are a bunch of pussies. And that Michelle Malkin is a selfish bitch, probably. What a tool. 
Ladies and gentlemen, I believe it is quite clear from the empirical evidence presented above, that Joy-less Behar obviously has latent homosexual desires for Palin, Bachmann, O'Donnell and Malkin.  Why, with all that talk of pretty witches and self-pleasuring, isn't it plain as the wart on Behar's nose that her lava-like spews are nothing more than undeniable, sweet amore? 

And who can blame her, really? I've always felt, myself, I was a lesbian trapped inside a man's body.

Or as Billy Shakespeare so presciently penned of Behar in Hamlet centuries ago, "The lady doth protest too much, methinks."

Just sayin'.