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Tuesday, October 19, 2010



From the Associated Press October 19, 2010:

SAN DIEGO -- Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano said Monday that a 17 percent drop in Border Patrol arrests this year shows heightened enforcement is slowing illegal immigration.
Napolitano said the weak economy helps explain why fewer people are getting caught crossing the border illegally... 
Aha! I knew there had to be a deeper strategy to President Obama and his abettors in Congress for destroying private sector jobs than merely advancing their Progressive, wealth-redistributing, social justice agenda. Now we know what it is -- border security!

This comes hot on the heals of the Labor Department announcement last week that the number of people filing new claims for unemployment insurance rose -- unexpectedly, of course -- to 462,000. 

And then there's this...

From Bloomberg September 7, 2010:
The jobless rate in the US is likely to approach 10 percent in coming months as the economy fails to grow enough to employ people rejoining the labor force, economists said. Only 723,000 people were added to company and government payrolls so far in 2010, or 8.6 percent of the 8.4 million jobs lost during the recession...
'Growth is too sluggish to successfully bring down the unemployment rate,' said Michelle Meyer, a senior economist at B of A Merrill Lynch Global Research in New York. 'At this stage, about one year into the recovery, this was still quite feeble job growth.'
Apparently, Ms. Meyer didn't get the memo from the Homeland Security Secretary that the anemic job growth is all part of the master Obama/Napolitano plan to stem illegal immigration. What self-respecting illegal would want to risk arrest and deportation -- other than maybe Nicky Diaz -- to sneak into the country at the dead of night knowing that no American jobs will be awaiting him/her?

Answer: Criminal illegal aliens.

But even with a lower number of illegal aliens being arrested, purportedly because of sky-high unemployment, surely no one in his/her right mind could possibly think that there's actually a tangible upside to decades high unemployment, could he/she?

She could.

In an appearance in her hometown of San Francisco, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi made the following remarks:
There is some subliminal message that is being sent out there about us and them, meaning people who need food stamps and the rest of the country, which I think is an unfortunate course to go down. It is the biggest bang for the buck when you do food stamps and unemployment insurance -- the biggest bang for the buck.
And now the tin-foil hatted Speaker can add border security to her bizarre list of "good things to look forward to when you're homeless, jobless and broke".

Who knew staggering unemployment rates would have so many useful purposes? It's like the Obama administration's personal Swiss army knife.

With no relief in sight for ballooning unemployment on the horizon, Americans can rest assured that, although they may not have a house to live in, a car to drive, nor food on the table, the Obama administration will never rest until the jobless rate in America is so high that even criminal illegal aliens won't want to risk crossing the border because there just won't be anything left here worth stealing.

And that, mi amigos, will be the day that Janet Napolitano will once again proudly proclaim, "The system worked."     

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  1. And that, in a nutshell, is what liberalism/socialism/statism is all about: everyone is equally miserable.

    Except, of course, those brilliant elitist arrogancia who lead us to that, because they're "more equal" than the rest and deserve more for taking care of us.