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Thursday, October 7, 2010


EXCELLENT NEWS FROM THE STATE OF NEVADA, according to a new Rasmussen Reports poll and a new Fox News poll, Republican challenger Sharron Angle is beginning to pull away from the eternally dour Senate Majority Leader and congressional butt-monkey Harry Reid. 

The polling results are still well within the margin of error -- 49 percent to 46 percent -- but Dingy Harry is getting the green light to pull a suitcase from the closet of his cozy DC digs and start folding his over-starched shirts.

Doug Schoen, Fox News commentator and Democratic pollster says: 
The race is fading away from Harry Reid. Reid is sinking and the seat is in increasing jeopardy. To the extent that the election is a referendum on Reid, he will lose as the state gives him more than 50 percent negative rating.
Schoen goes on to say that he now handicaps Angle as the "clear favorite" to win the race. Reid has been pummeled of late by a sub-40 percent approval rating among Nevada voters, who have suffered the predictable ills of two of Reid's biggest "achievements" to date, the nation's highest unemployment rate and massive mortgage foreclosures.

Even the Las Vegas Review-Journal, who recently endorsed Angle stated: 
Seriously crippled by this much baggage, Senator Reid has calculated that his survival depends on portraying Ms. Angle as an 'extremist' who would endanger woman, children and the elderly. In fact, Ms. Angle is well within the mainstream on most issues and embraces a political philosophy with millions of Americans who are making themselves heard this election cycle... Harry Reid is a vote for the status quo in Washington.
As good as the news is, it's still too early for Nevadans to start counting their chicken eggs before they've come home to roost. The Dingster has held his Senate seat far too long for him to wave the white flag without employing some last-minute skulduggery -- just like a riled chimp at the zoo flinging poo at its simian gawkers.

If (read "when") Reid is defeated, he will become only the second Senate Majority leader to lose his seat in the past sixty years. 

God willing, that will go down in history as Prince Harry's crowning achievement.   

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