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Sunday, October 3, 2010


IMAGINE, IF YOU WILL, IT'S WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 3rd, the election results have all been tallied from the night before and a morose pall has suddenly descended upon Washington D.C. like a smothering fog on a cool, damp autumn morning. 

Sullen outlines with heads slung low shuffle up and down the stately corridors of the Capitol Building. Little eye contact is made between these passing figures as they murmur barely-audible greetings to one another, instead -- if the truth be known -- they wish they not to be recognized at all.

The main House Chamber sits eerily quiet. The lights are dimmed, casting long shadows across the many empty seats uniformly aligned along the ramped floor.

Rising above the floor, the Speaker's dais displays none of the bustling grandeur that is evident when the House is in full swing and the country's business is being heatedly debated amongst it's many members.

A stark realty has just hit the landscape like a sharp slap to the face. It has finally sunken in among House Democrats that they have just lost their ruling majority. 

Gone are the twisted Progressive dreams of a Marxist utopia. They lie smoldering on the trash heap of failed statist policies of yore. Gone is Obamacare, the massive government-run behemoth that promised to limit choice, intrude on doctor-patient relationships, drive up premiums, bankrupt doctors and healthcare facilities and drive a nail into the coffin of the country's fiscal solvency. Gone is the proposed cap and trade legislation that guaranteed to choke small and large businesses alike while speciously claiming to freshen the atmosphere. Gone is an ever-expanding Big Brother government that sought to dictate every facet of every citizen's individual rights. Gone are the trillion dollar spending sprees that promised jobs but delivered misery. Gone are the thousand-plus-page bills that no legislator ever bothered to read. Gone are the arrogant ruling elite who couldn't stand the "smell" of the "little people" who visited their chambers in the summer. Gone are the willing accomplices who abetted a President hell-bent on redistributing the wealth of America to its certain destruction, all in the name of a defective, crooked ideology that was totally alien and repugnant to the electorate as a whole. 

And maybe best of all -- no, absolutely best of all -- gone is Nancy Pelosi, as Speaker of the House of Representatives

Never will any American citizen ever have to utter that pathetic yet bone-chilling title again. Never will the citizenry be subjected to her deranged-clapping-seal antics nor her wild-eyed death stares at State of the Union addresses. Never will the American people witness her defiantly wielding her giant gavel through a huge crowd of true American patriots on her way to declaring a massively destructive and unconstitutional law into being. Never again will Americans have to hear Nancy Pelosi condescendingly say, "But we have to pass the bill so that you can find out what is in it."

Imagine what a glorious, sun-filled morning that will be!

Register and Vote!

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  1. It would be a wonderful day if, indeed, I never had to look at her scornful and spackled face again. The disdain she feels for people like me is mutual.